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Pangaea began as a three man forest metal band in 2004 featuring Semyaza and Magus, who had worked together on previous projects, and close friend Jahcon. Jahcon had crafted a rough story for a concept album, and Semyaza began composing music for it. Later that year, Jahcon decided to leave the band for personal reasons. But Pangaea continued as a duo.

In 2005, Semyaza fleshed out Jahcon's story and penned the lyrics. He and Magus refined the music and began working on recording.

In late 2005 and early 2006, Semyaza and Magus produced the self titled EP demoing four songs that will appear on the anticipated full-length concept album and a fifth track, "Dance of the Nymph written specifically for the EP.

Pangaea hope to secure a recording contract on an independent label dedicated to extreme metal.

2004 - Present

Semyaza is the main composer and lyricist for Pangaea.  He does vocals and programming, and plays guitars, bass, and keyboards.

Outside of Pangaea, Semyaza has a solo project called Icon of Paradox.  Semyaza has a B.A. in Public Communication and Mass Media and an A.S. in Information Systems both from Purdue University.  He is currently a full time student.
Magus plays bass and guitars in Pangaea and assits in composition and arrangement.  He also records and engineers all of Pangaea's recordings.

Aside from the band Magus attends school full time pursuing a Business Degree while continuing to establish his recording studio.
2004 - Present
Jahcon was the original vocalist and lyricist for Pangaea.  He assisted Semyaza in defining the band's sound and style.  Jahcon was the mastermind behind the story and  concept of "The Sanctuary".

Jahcon left the band for personal reasons, but remains a close friend and supporter of Pangaea.