The Sanctuary

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The City
I walk the path of a cursed man
My flesh bears no mark
But my soul is stained
I am the nameless
The untouchable

I forsake this city
As it has forsaken me
I curse the humans
As they have cursed me

Where now does my exile lead?
I hear a voice
"Come to the woods my child
Cleanse your soul"
Alma Mater
"Come to the woods my child
Here is your home"
Eyes of the Forest
I am the one who dwells in the darkest part of the forest
I am the watcher of the woods
Along with the owl, my spirit animal
I stalk this forest by day
As he hunts by the moonlight

Beware ye who trespass
We will be watching
From behind a tree
From inside a cave
You will not see me
But I will see you
Unwelcome Visitors
They come from the city
The owl has seen them
And he has told me
Their presence offends him

They come to pay homage
As I had long ago
But their souls are tainted
And their rituals are false
They desecrate the very soil
On which they pray

They ask the spirits for guidance
The spirits will only guide them
To their untimely demise

I watch flowers wither in the stench of their wake
This cannot be tolerated
The heretics must pay
The Sacrifice
How Foolish to wander alone
You wanted to be one with nature
So I nailed you to a tree
You seek communion with the spirits
Soon I will release you from your flesh

Your skin and soul are stained with filth
You dwell within Babylon's walls, so to does Babylon dwell within you
And the piece that you carry is a plague of damnation
You have infected the spirits which you have come here to exalt

Do you false practicioner desire to know the true path, the true rituals?
I shall teach you the ritual of human sacrifice
But first you must be cleansed
Shall I sterilize your soul with the flame?
Or wash your sins in the river until you drown?

What you are seeking will be found in death
I commit your soul to the servitude of the forest, once you have been cleansed
Eighteen Ghosts
Eighteen sacrifices made
Eighteen pyres for eighteen dead
Eighteen ghosts haunt the woods
Intruders now face eighteen dreads

Tranquillity has returned
But sorrow lingers on
Dead flowers wither in the sunlight
And the rain does not fall to wash away the scars

I have failed to guard
The sacred heart of the woods
I am but a man
I must accept my limitations
But I cannot accept defeat

Mother of Dead Children
The spirits are dying
And I have failed
Where now do I turn for strength?

Oh mother of dead children
Do you forget that one still lives?
Or do you forsake him in the names of his brothers
For not sharing in their fate?

Oh mother, oh mother
I have faith in thee
Oh mother
Have faith in me

If you bless my hands
I will build you salvation
If you bless my voice
I will build you a nation
The Leaves Begin to Rustle
She Awakens
Mother has heard my prayers
She finds strength in my resolve
As I find it in her grace
She tells me the time has come
To fight!

Let the Rain Fall
Let the rain fall and drown the weak
Let the earthquake destroy their homes
Let the lightning spark fires to block the escape
Let the rain keep falling and drown the rest

The strong may survive
But not for long
The army of Gaia is marching strong

March of the Beast Army
Rodents marching ten by ten
Wolves come marching six by six
Wild cats marching four by four
Bears come marching two by two

Let the beast army devour
Not only the flesh but the souls
Of every human left alive
The city is ours tonight
Return to Balance
Nothing but rubble now remains
Of what used to be
A vile scar of human atrocity
The city is fallen

The dust of time
Will soon erase all memory
Of this cursed place

For Mother
A hundred thousand years
Is but a blink of an eye
All lyrics by Semyaza except
"Eyes of the Forest" by Semyaza and Jahcon
"March of the Beast Army" by Semyaza and Jahcon